10 apps for thesis

Category : App February 12, 2014


For the past months I have been working on the development of my master-thesis-creative-project*. During this time my iPad Mini and its apps helped me save, share, organise and design the bits and bytes of the thesis.

These are the iPad apps that I have been using (so far)…

1. Paper

Since the beginning of my research I used Paper app to write down notes and do plenty of scribbles. I practically sketched my way to the idea of my thesis’s topic and concept with Paper app.

2. Tumblr

Tumblr allows me to easily create an online thesis journal of the process.

3. Pinterest

I am still a newbie on Pinterest. I have been using it for less than 2 months but it already made me change my bookmarking habits. Instead of keeping bookmarks on the browser, I am pinning inspiring material for the thesis on the boards of my Pinterest profile.

4. Keynote

Keynote is not free but it worths every penny. For each meeting I had with my advisor Professor, I have created a sleek presentation of my work with Keynote.

5. Adobe Reader

During my research I read lots of PDFs and this app helped me save an edited version of each PDF with my underlines, notes and highlights. I could use Evernote and its brother and sister apps, but the free GB of Evernote weren’t enough for my research and I didn’t want to pay for an upgrade.

6. Feedly

Since the shut down of google reader I have been using Feedly. It nests all my feeds in one place and helps me stay updated on fresh articles from blogs and magazines related to my research.

7. Instapaper

Every time I come across an interesting webpage during my online searches, I save it on Instapaper in order to read it later. Before I switch to Instapaper, I used Pocket. There is nothing wrong with Pocket, but Instapaper got my attention with a free-download-2013-xmas-campaign and after I installed it, well, I fell for the design.

8. Dropbox

Dropbox is the reason I can synch every folder regarding the thesis on both my iPad Mini, HP Mini laptop and iMac. Precious time-saver.

9. Calendar

There are lots of productivity apps out there, but I decided to stick with Apple’s Calendar. I wanted to keep records of the progress of my work and also to be able to synch these records both on my iPad and iMac. So far Calendar is my loyal companion, serving both as a log-book and as a schedule planner.

10. Spotify

It’s true magic when you can listen to the right kind of music while working, isn’t? During the last months Spotify boosts my performance when I debug, research, debug some more, research again and repeat.

* Please keep in mind that for the media-architecture master thesis the goal is to develop a creative project (not to write a theoretical master thesis).