Best of: TASCHEN books

Category : Articles · by April 23, 2017
Best of: TASCHEN books

Celebrating “world book day” by picking bestsellers books from one of my favourite publishers: TASCHEN.

Tips for Job Seekers

Category : Articles · by June 9, 2015


I realised that I have a few great articles and tips in my bookmarks list, twitter timeline, pinterest board (and other social media) regarding the thema “job seeking”. So I decided to share them all in one collection by using the storify platform.

It’s the first time I am using storify and I am not completely sure that I am their meant-to-be target-group user. All I want is to collect these tips in one place instead of having them scattered in various social media accounts. Storify allows me to create this on-going “collection” of tips by having my social media accounts as “sources”.

Happy reading: Tips for job seekers: A collection of articles, portfolios, CVs, resumes, images, do’s, don’ts and advices

6 Portfolio Themes for Creatives

Category : Articles · by March 1, 2014


So… you are a photographer, illustrator, designer, artist, architect or an all-around creative who is looking for a WordPress portfolio theme? i am huge fan of Northeme themes and these are my recommendations for you:

Workality Plus



Reframe Plus


Centreal Plus

There is a very good chance that one of these 6 themes suits you fine! Test them and find out.

5 articles on time management

Category : Articles · by February 20, 2014
5 articles on time management

I have been always interested in time- and task- management, but not only out of professional interest as project manager….

10 apps for thesis

Category : Articles · by February 12, 2014
10 apps for thesis

For the past months I have been working on the development of my master-thesis-creative-project*. During this time my iPad Mini…