How-to set up a custom domain for a tumblr blog – with cpanel

Category : Tumblr February 1, 2014

Last week I was searching online for proper instructions on how-to set up a custom domain for my tumblr blog by using the cpanel. I didn’t find an up-to-date tutorial, so I am writing one.

Step 1.

Connect to your cpanel and look for a button titled: ADVANCED DNS ZONE EDITOR.


Step 2.

ADD A RECORD by filling in the NAME, TTL, TYPE, CNAME as I do in the following image.


You can name your subdomain whatever you like.

My studio’s domain is So my subdomain would be: 

In my case, I considered the following options for the name of my subdomain: OR OR

by taking in mind how the url would look like in the end: OR OR

Ok you got the point. So let’s assume that I chose

DON’T FORGET THE PERIOD at the end of the NAME:  <<this period!

Step 3.

The moment you press the button ADD RECORD the ZONE FILE RECORDS table (the table just under the button you just pressed) would be updated and the last line of the table would look like the following image:


So you are finished with CPANEL. Let’s move to tumblr’s dashboard now.

Step 4.

Connect to your tumblr dashboard, go to your settings and just fill your data, depending on how you named your subdomain, in my case ( I named it ):


Step 5.

Press the TEST DOMAIN button ( just above CANCEL button ). If everything is set right you will get the message:


Yap. It’s good! Now press the SAVE button.

And then wait. It may take 5 minutes or 72 hours to update.

Wait a bit. Refresh. Empty cache. Refresh again. And voila!